Decorations to Be Thankful For

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Thanksgiving is around the corner and as you check off the list of who is coming and what to make, don’t forget to add decorations. Here are some ways to decorate your home and table.

If you are strapped for time but still want to decorate, add splashes of color. Gather items that represent autumn and place them in vases or footed glass containers. These can be anything from ribbons to nuts to leaves you gather from your lawn. Candles come in all different shapes and colors and can be purchased easily for décor.

Decorating does not always have to be exclusive to the host. There are ways to include your guests! One way is to create a message board for when they arrive. You can use any surface to post messages including a bulletin board, magnetic sheet, fabric board, or simply a whiteboard with markers. When guests arrive, have them write down what they are thankful for and read messages later during dinner.

Another way to involve your guests is to have a “thankful tree”. It can be as big and ornate or small and simple as you like but it should have bare branches to hang ornaments from. Cut out different shapes of cardstock and punch holes in the top to tie ribbon or string. When guests arrive, invite them to write their names and what they are thankful for on an ornament. These make great keepsakes.

For the table there are many options. If you are wanting to decorate glasses consider making name tags or personalized swizzle sticks. Name tags can be made in the shapes of leaves and tied around the glass. Swizzle sticks can be blank with names written in markers. If you have assigned seating, make place cards that double as seasonal decor. Cut colored cardstock and decorate with washi tape, stamps, or handwritten messages.

If you would rather guests share what they are thankful for at the table, consider making place mats out of craft paper and letting guests write down their thoughts before the food is served. Craft paper can also be utilized for the kids table as it makes for an entertaining tablecloth. Put out crayons and let the kids go wild without the stress of clean up.

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