Fall Essential Oil Blends to Diffuse at Home

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From pumpkin spice lattes to cozy sweaters and scarfs, all those fall feels are so special and real. They transport us back to times of cool morning breezes, tall boots, and beautifully unique piles of leaves. There’s something about fall that feels nostalgic. Perhaps it’s the collective memories of puddle jumping and crisp fall morning mist, or maybe it reminds us of childhood Halloween prep and costume party planning. Whatever it is, nature has an incredible influence on our lives.

Fall is a transitional period that we must fully embrace. Flip flops and tank tops won’t do the job any longer. As fall approaches, we witness leaves changing colors, trees shedding leaves, and nature turning inward for a season of change and transformation. Autumn invites us inside and we can gather plenty of wisdom from Mother Nature—to be present to the rhythms, sights, sounds, and smells of fall.

Fall smells can bring back memories and conjure certain emotions. In fact, our sense of smell is 10,000 times more sensitive than any of our other senses. The scents of fall may accompany some of the most vivid memories of our lives. These all-natural gifts from the earth remind us to be present, to witness the changing seasons, and to savor the smells and embrace the transformations in ourselves and of mother nature. Bring back the cozy memories or create your current perfect autumn aromas with eight of our favorite fall essential oil blends.

Classic Pumpkin Spice

– 2 drops Cinnamon

– 2 drops Clove

– 1 drop Nutmeg

Camping in the Woods

– 2 drops Frankincense

– 2 White Fir

– 2 drops Cedarwood

Fresh Fall Morning

– 2 drops Eucalyptus

– 3 drops Cypress

– 1 drop Cedarwood

– 1 drop Wintergreen

Cozy Cuppa

– 1 drop Cinnamon

– 2 drops Ginger

– 1 drop Clove

– 2 drops Cardamom

Halloween Blend

– 2 drops Clove

– 2 drops Frankincense

– 1 drop Orange

– 1 drop Spikenard


– 2 drops Douglas fir

– 2 drops Frankincense

– 1 drop Sandalwood

– 1 drop Lavender

– 2 Wild Orange

Pile of Leaves

– 1 drop Cassia

– 1 drop Arborvitae

– 1 drops Cardamom

– 2 drops Vetiver

Afternoon Rain

– 1 drop Peppermint

– 2 drops Rosemary

– 3 drops White fir

– 3 drops Eucalyptus

– 1 drop Tea tree

“Life starts all over again when it gets crisp in the fall.” – F. Scott Fitzgerald

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