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Hexagons really aren’t anything new. We’ve used them in designs for decades, and they’re one of the first shapes new fabric crafters begin working with, even as kids, because they provide such a great opportunity to learn about stitching and piecing. As with all things design though, elements that are “old” can become new again with a fresh modern spin.

The hexagon recently hit the quilting spotlight when Nicole Daksiewicz created an innovative new way of applying basted hexies to fabric. Her “modern hexies” have since made a deep impact on quilting aesthetics, and every major fabric company at premier US quilting trade show Quilt Market boasts one of her projects in their new collection showcases. Her gorgeous Instagram has over 37 thousand followers, too – modern quilting is cool.
Hexies are hand sewn using a traditional method called English paper piecing. They are really simple to make, and a great way to use up funky scrap finds or leftovers of a favorite fabric. The finished hexies are machined down onto a background fabric in a geometric pattern of your choosing. That’s really it!
The thing that makes this trend truly innovative though is the fashion-forward color palettes (think bold, primary colors, contrasting complementary colors, gradients, monochromatic iterations, and even rainbows), along with the characteristic modern, open spacing. These hexies get a little room to breathe and adding them to a clean neutral backing while allowing for uniform, open border space really makes them pop. A modern hexie technique treats the quilt itself like a painter’s canvas, giving you the freedom to create an endless variety of patterns on top, just by machine stitching your basted hexies wherever you can imagine.
The look evokes bold graphics from the natural like honeycombs or the structure of crystals and organic molecules, to the futuristic, reminiscent of computerized pixels. These are definitely a project that makes a perfect gift for the younger members of your family who might not even realize that they would love modern quilts. You can even add the hexies to pillows, tote bags, aprons, or anything you can dream up. The design is so artistic that you could make a hexie piece to frame for a gallery wall or baby gift.
What else can you think of to do with these cool geometric treasures? Let us know in the comments.
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