Fabric Trends for 2021

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The 2021 fabric trends sees an abundance of colorful blooms in the form of beautiful, smaller scale contemporary florals.

New fabric designs feature a variety of flowers perfectly captured in spontaneous, fluid brush strokes, and designs which celebrate raw materials, organic textures and crafts.

As we transitioned out of 2020, this more confident approach to interiors has encouraged a step away from safe, muted tones of the past, in favor of trends that feature graphic prints and rich color palettes.

Read on to discover the biggest trends in fabric for the year!

Ahead of the Curve

Sweeping lines, tactile surfaces, and deep tones of copper and red combine to create a deliciously warm and cocooning interior, with contrasting textures and a touch of glamour. Rich, plush velvets are certainly here to stay. Matte velvets in solid colors tend to be most popular, however this is being quickly followed by the more classic textured velvet finish that offers a look that’s full of character and charm.

Raw Weaves

With pronounced warps and wefts, stubby fabrics in rustic checks and bouclé resemble cloth cut from an artisan weaver’s loom.

Painterly Looks

Loose brushstrokes, playful daubs and block prints on fabric in a strong monochrome palette bring sophistication and simplicity to interiors.

Wild Florals

Celebrate exuberant floral prints in lush color combinations. Florals take a moodier turn across fabric design, with a fixation on dark heritage blooms and giant palm fronds or monstera leaves.

Bold, dramatic blooms are perfect for those looking to make a statement; by utilizing a floral motif in a darker palette throughout one’s upholstery, an injection of personality is achieved without it looking too

Mellow Yellow

Muted earthy yellow ochre, a pigment used since prehistoric times, contrasts beautifully with neutral charcoals and greys and works with blond wood for an alluring mid-century vibe. Indeed, Pantone’s colors of the year for 2021 are a bold yellow and grey combination.

Rich Tapestries

Idyllic pastoral scenes and stylized flora and fauna designs bring an established, traditional edge to interiors, and a dreamy reflection of the natural world.

Earthy Hues and Natural Textures

The most influential interior design and trade fairs across Europe this year saw a huge array of earthy hues and natural textures across soft furnishings, upholstery, and flooring.  These trade shows often display key trends for the coming years, so it’s to note that these trends won’t be disappearing anytime soon.

This trend is arguably timeless; think raw silks, cotton linens, bouclé, wools and heavy weaves in tones such as taupes, creams, browns and greys. Selecting these finishes in curtains and blinds delivers a sophisticated and classic result.

Embroidered Weaves

The art of embroidery has been around for decades, but 2021 is seeing a strong comeback for this traditional technique. Embroidery patterns come in an array of designs and styles from all fabric suppliers, but this year’s trend is heavily focused on bohemian and romantic designs; think florals and delicate organic patterns in feminine color palettes. Embroidery can be found on an arrangement of fabrics such as linens, velvets, and wool.

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