Memorial Day Weekend Crafts to Do with Your Favorite Kids

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Monday is Memorial Day, one of the most important and most celebrated holidays in American life. The last Monday in May is a day that we use to celebrate and memorialize those who have fallen in service to our country. Just because the holiday is meant for remembrance, doesn’t mean it can’t also be fun, especially for the kids! These crafts are fun, patriotic, and the perfect way for your kids to spend their Memorial Day weekend.

Patriotic Suncatchers

Suncatchers are notoriously easy to make. Try a red, white, and blue version using a lot of paper and not much else, these suncatchers are just as eye-catching as the fireworks they represent.

Paper Plate Uncle Sam

What American figure is more patriotic than Uncle Sam? A paper plate Uncle Sam craft is almost too adorable to be real. From the fluffy felt beard to the patriotic top hat, the entire project is incredibly fun.

Confetti Launchers

It goes without saying that confetti launchers are bound to make a huge mess, which means that they should probably stay outside of the house unless you want to be vacuuming up red, white, and blue confetti for a month. The project is created using toilet paper rolls, balloons, and plenty of patriotic creativity.

Patriotic Star Wreath

While you’re making your very own patriotic wreath, you can task your little ones with making their own. With a paper plate base, this simple wreath pretty much just involves gluing stars around the rim and attaching a bit of ribbon.

Handprint Fireworks

Handprint crafts are every mama’s bread and butter. They are adorable and are great growth milestone projects. This project turns your child’s cute little handprint into a popping firework display with some cardstock and a bit of paint.

Pom Pom American Flag

Instead of construction paper, the pom poms in this creative American flag craft are placed on popsicle sticks. This project is super easy to create and can easily be turned into a fun fridge magnet or bedroom decoration.

Shiny Painted 3-D Stars

Half printable and half art project, these shiny painted 3D stars are wrapped in adorably decorated aluminum foil. The most difficult thing about this craft is the relatively intricate folding that is necessary to make the printable stars 3D.

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